3 Exercises For Women Who Want Great Legs


Every guy loves a woman who has good legs, and every woman wants to have good legs that I from my own perspective. In-order to get those sexy legs a lot of hard-work is needed because no good thing ever comes easy, so ladies if you want those super sexy article this article will provide a lot of tips for your benefits. Here are a few leg workouts for women that are guaranteed to workout (pun intended).

Plyometric squat

This is an easy workout for beginners, what you have to do is stand on your feet, squat down with your knees being approximately 90 degrees. Now softly jump up and down while you are still squatting. It is advisable to use the strength of your legs to explosively jump up. With your knees bent make sure you land softly. To make sure this exercise works do 3 sets of 8 reps everyday for maximum results.


Stand straight with your feet apart vaguely wider than your shoulders, also make sure your toes are pointed out. Stretch your arms in a straightward position in-front of you, then lower yourself into the squat position. Go up and down and repeat, also make sure that go as low as you can on the squat, and don’t let your knees go further than your toes. This particular exercise is hard to do at first but you know how the saying goes, no pain, no gain.

Sun salutation

This is somehow a yoga exercise and it focuses mostly on building the muscles in your leg, if done right and on a regular basis the results will bring you excellent results. You are going to need a mat to do this one. Keep your feet together while standing on the mat and both your arms by your sides, make sure that you dispense your whole body weight fairly on the soles of both your feet. With your knees bent place your hands on the floor strictly shoulder-width apart, now jump with both feet backwards and at the same time lift your hips. Do 5 sets of 8 reps everyday.

These 3 leg workouts for women are meant to bring out the muscles in your legs, but only if done right. If you want to turn those heads while you are walking in the street then I suggest that you try any if not all of these exercises.